Travel Bags for Men: What to Search for Exactly

There are many forms of men’s travel bags around. Back in the day, people tended to use a rucksack, a duffel bag, or an old gym back for their luggage as they’re traveling, which is almost as sad of an image as the stereotype of the homeless hobo carrying a stick and a bindle. Instead of going that route or even considering using a carrier bag, keep your valuables intact with travel bags for men. These bags are made to last, which is always important. They also have loads of compartments for your many different accessories such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver, soap, shampoo, hair gel, spare clothes, dirty clothes, towel, slippers, socks, shoes, medication, shades, and so forth. Everything you need to get your journey started, you have a zipper lock and pocket available in your travel bag.


What Makes a Travel Bag Manly?

Manly travel bags for men that won’t be confused for a messenger bag or purse made for the ladies usually has more austere designs and colors. More to the point, its utility is emphasized, particularly in the toughness department. While women travel bags do have durability in mind since it’s not much of a travel bag if it gets wrecked after three days of use, the femininity of bags usually bursts out in terms of imagination and creativity. It’s like the difference between an architect and a comic illustrator; the latter concentrates on practicality, the former is more on what looks most impactful.


That’s not to say that manly travel bags lack style and feminine travel bags lack utility. There’s just seemingly more emphasis on either style or substance depending on what sort of bag, it’s marketed too, with the ones that are unisex being a perfect yin-yang balance between the two in terms of emphasis, although all travel bags must have a modicum of both in order to be saleable. With that said, when looking for a manly travel bag, you should either get mobile ones with wheels for heavy luggage or the right smallness if you instead favor hand luggage bags for traveling.

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When it comes to hand luggage, there’s no set standard from airline to airline. What’s considered as a hand carry backpack in one airport could be turned into a bag you can only send to the cargo bay in another airport. It all depends on the standards and practices of a given travel company. While the manliness of a travel bag is in the eye of the beholder, there are some grains of truth and consistent standards you should keep in mind, like durability and austere colors versus loud colors belonging to the Eighties and less tough materials in favor of stylishness.


Because of the huge number of travel bags for men, (not to mention the varying textile materials used to make them in the first place), it’s best that you separate the wheat from the chaff not only depending on your taste, but by the usefulness of your bag. How many outfits or spare clothes can one bag hold? Can you put your shoes there in a separate compartment or use plastic bags to keep your dirt-ridden footwear from the rest of your clean clothes? Think practically as well as style-wise.

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